Reliable Lawn Services

Greening lawns the eco-friendly way
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Reliable Lawn Services

Greening lawns the eco-friendly way
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At Turf Improvement, we offer reliable and regular lawn services.

After all, nothing beats the look or feel underfoot of beautifully maintained lawns.

But to achieve great colour, waterwise growth and density, your lawn needs a consistent supply of nutrients and regular maintenance. 

Only then can your luxurious carpet of green withstand the rough and tumble of kids and the rigour of pets while resisting hot summers, weeds, and diseases.

We offer one-off services or a complete lawn management plan.

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Lawn Consultations

Lawn Consultations

Confused about what lawn type is right for your new home? Need help diagnosing a lawn growth problem? Can’t manage your lawn’s upkeep anymore? Or maybe you’re looking for waterwise lawn solutions or a lawn renovation.

We have the expertise to fix your lawn challenges.

For the untrained eye, determining the cause of lawn problems is challenging. Too much or not enough water or fertiliser are not always the culprits. Sometimes, further investigation is needed. For example, lawn growth problems can also stem from choosing the wrong type of grass, mowing at the incorrect height, salt from washing down the boat, regular foot traffic, burrowing pests and more.

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Product Applications

There is no doubt that our extreme hot, dry summers on top of poor soil conditions and water restrictions make maintaining a beautiful green lawn a challenge.

The good news is that with the regular application of professional fertilisers, soil wetting agents, and weed control, you can achieve a trouble-free lawn that is green and healthy year-round.

But if you don’t have time to apply products to your lawn, we do.

To sit back and enjoy your magnificent lawn while you watch your neighbours turn green with envy, call us.

If your do-it-yourself approach isn’t producing the beautiful lawns you’d hoped for, talk to us. We’ll deliver a timely lawn care regime that includes:

  • weed control
  • fertilising
  • wetting agent application

 Plus, we’ll monitor the health of your lawn and suggest when it’s time for:

  • vertimowing
  • aerating
  • top dressing
Product Applications


Is your lawn too spongy? Does it make mowing difficult and the resulting cut uneven? Has water stopped reaching the roots?

Then it’s time to vertimow your lawn.

By vertimowing or dethatching your lawn, we thin out the dense layer of organic matter that sits on top and within the soil under the blades of grass. 

Water and nutrient absorption increase dramatically after cutting the thatch layer back to an average thickness. New green growth soon appears. Within four to six weeks, your lawn feels firmer underfoot and looks fantastic.

Vertimowing (or dethatching) thins out the naturally occurring layer of dead organic matter that sits on top and within the soil under the blades of grass.  When the thatch layer becomes too thick, lawn problems start. For example, mowing becomes difficult, the water stays trapped on the surface, photosynthesis is less effective, and your lawn begins to starve.

However, not all grass types will respond equally to vertimowing. So that is the first thing our experienced eye checks.

After verticutting, your lawn turns brown but don’t be alarmed. Good things are happening under the grass. Then four to six weeks later, your lawn looks and feels healthier than ever.

Out Grass Your Neighbours

Not all grass is equal. Also, choosing the right type of grass for your home or commercial property requires specialist knowledge.

Fortunately, we have that knowledge.

Whether you’re looking for a manicured finish, the perfect lawn to handle the rough and tumble of kids and pets or turf that will grow in problem areas, we can advise you.

Our knowledge and expertise mean you make the right lawn choice the first time.

Plus, we’ll help you choose a lawn variety that saves water and cares for the planet.

The five most popular types of grass suited to Australia’s climatic conditions are Buffalo, Couch, Queensland Blue Couch, Kikuyu and Zoysia. As for which one is the best choice for you, that depends on:

  • the garden style and look you’re trying to create
  • your property’s location
  • seasonal lighting
  • shade
  • people, pets, and vehicle traffic
  • soil condition
  • availability of water
  • the level of maintenance you desire.

We’ll mix and match your particular needs to find the perfect lawn type for you.

Give us a call on 0417 557 623 for a free lawn consultation.

Out grass your neighbours
Lawn Top Dressing

More Lawn Services

Our eco-friendly lawn services also extend to:

  • eco-friendly weed, pest and disease control
  • top dressing
  • core aeration.

Coring or aerating is extremely popular for treating lawns than repel water.

The coring process punches small holes in your lawn, removing plugs of soil. The resulting holes relieve compaction allowing water and oxygen to penetrate the thatch layer into the root zone. As a result, your lawn absorbs water and nutrients more effectively. In next to no time, your lawn springs back to life with new lush green growth.

Top Dressing

The best-kept lawn renovation secret is top dressing. By applying a layer of growth and recovery media, lackluster lawn springs to life greener than ever. What’s more, top dressing:

  • fills in low spots, so your lawn looks even and feels firm underfoot, and
  • increases moisture and nutrient transfer to the root zone, saving you money on both water and fertiliser.

But the best news is that top dressing is a lawn renovation super saver on your wallet.

Eco-friendly weed, pest and disease control

Like you, we want to save the planet. That’s why we only choose lawn care products approved by the Australian Government and apply them following approved specifications. Creating beautiful green lawns is our business, but equally important is keeping people, kids and pets safe.

Want a stunning green lawn oasis but don’t have the time to create it?

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How eco-friendly lawns save the planet

Sometimes natural lawn gets a bad wrap because of water usage. But did you know you can have your green grass and save the planet too?

Here’s how we make that happen for you…

As part of our lawn maintenance program we:

  •  identify water-efficient ways to look after your lawn
  •  apply a wetting agent (to increase absorption and reduce water use)
  •  feed your lawn 3-4 times a year
  •  check the mowing height to sure a healthy heat mitigating lawn
  •  monitor watering times and duration.

Did you also know that healthy lawns benefit everyone by:

  •  reducing runoff speed and allowing water to absorb into the ground
  •  preventing erosion
  •  replenishing the air (by taking up carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen)
  •  providing safe, resilient surfaces for children
  •  regulating temperature (cooling effects in summer)
  •  absorbing sound and reducing noise.

All of these benefits help us help the planet.

How eco-friendly lawns save the planet
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