About Turf Improvements

The Green Lawn Whisperers
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About Turf Improvements

The Green Lawn Whisperers
Contact usCall Brendan 0417 557 623
Brendan and Felicity - Turf Improvements

Brendan & Felicity Aylward – Turf Improvements

Meet Brendan & Felicity

“At Turf Improvements, we provide professional and reliable lawn maintenance services.

Some clients even call us their ‘Green Lawn Whisperers’.

After all, we understand how vital lawn presentation is when it’s your home or business.

Turf Improvements is owned and operated by us, Brendan and Felicity. We’re a dynamic husband and wife team.

From Mandurah to Dunsborough and everywhere in between, we offer next level lawn services to homes and businesses in the South West.

No lawn care job is too big or too small for Turf Improvements. 

To chat with us today, call 0417 557 623. 

Taking your lawn to the next level has never been easier.”

Turf Improvements

At home with Turf Improvements

Like many couples, we balance work with raising a healthy young family. Yet, a mischievous dog seems to rule all of our lives. Fortunately, our home garden and lawn is magnificent, giving family and friends much joy, peace and serenity.

Why choose Turf Improvements?

Eco-friendly lawn care

1. Eco-friendly lawn care

We create magnificent green lawns, but we also care about the underlying soil and water table. That’s why we use eco-friendly lawn care products and aim for waterwise lawn solutions.

Professional lawn consultants

2. Professional lawn consultants

Whether it’s establishing a lawn from scratch, rescuing thin and patchy turf, or reviving grass suffering from heavy use – we turn lawn challenges into waterwise green dreams.

Reliable lawn care

3. Reliable lawn care

Like clockwork, we’ll be at your property on time—rain, hail or shine. What’s more, we keep an itemised maintenance schedule, so your lawn looks its best year-round.

Fully insured

4. Fully insured

Not only are we lawn improvement experts, but we’re professionals down to the last detail, including our registrations and insurances.

Turf Improvements – your best-kept lawn secret

When neighbours ask, “How do you get your grass so green?” we’d like you to answer, “Turf Improvements”.

But we know you’ll want to keep us as your green lawn secret.

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Taking your lawn to the next level. Talk to Brendan 0417 557 623

About us

"Our passion is creating magnificent, healthy green lawns that also benefit the planet."


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